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Priced for quick rides, BCycle is the hassle-free, non-polluting, green transportation solution to parking fees and gas prices. 

As a member, you'll take any of our BCycle on unlimited number of rides! Additional usage fees apply to trips over 2 hours. $0.25 unlock fees apply to every trip. Simply return your bike to any station and check it back out to restart your 2-hour period.

 Annual Memberships

Sign up online.



+ Additional Usage Fees

First 2 hours (of each trip)


Next hour


Each additional 30 minutes


Unlock Fee


Applicable sales taxes will be added at time of processing for all charges.

Bike Share 2

Annual members will need to download the Bcycle app that lets them check out bikes right from the dock. So annual members can save money and get around faster.

Bcycle App - Apple Store 
Bcycle App - Google Play Store

You must be a Member to check out bikes.

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BCycle Replacement Fees

BCycle Bike Replacement  $2,715

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